Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say A Prayer!

Say A Prayer!

It's always time to say a prayer
Someone needs it out there
You may not know their name
You may not know where they are
But if you burdened in your heart
Kneel and say a prayer for them

Oh' it could be someone
Reaching for the Master's hand
Low on strength and struggling
And maybe they are under a strain
Facing heartache, pain or trials
Don't ask why just say a prayer for them

They could possibly even be
Just across the street
Or somewhere in another land
In need of help you don't understand
And reaching for the Father's hand
So, say a prayer for them

Like the papers on the street
There's a dead line to meet
You've got no time to spare no time
There is a hurting soul pleading
Somewhere a heart is bleeding
They are low on time so say a prayer for them

Don't worry about what to ask for
That's all clear to the Lord
He's asking you for a little faith
And it's not up to us to ask why
We need to reach out for that cry
Obey His will and say a prayer for them

If you look back over your life
Then you might just find
There was a time you needed something too
Whether it was for peace
Or some other need
Someone may have been praying for you.


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