Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Debtor

The Debtor

We must flee to God in our many tribulations, whatever they may be - domestic worries, ill health, dangers to those dear to us.  The Christian can have no other refuge but his Savior, his God. He will have no strength in himself, but in him in whom he has taken refuge.

Yet, beloved, among all human tribulations none is greater than to be conscious of one's sins.  If one's conscious is at peace, one can turn into one's heart and there find God.

But if because of the multitude of his sins his heart has no rest and God is not there, where can a man fly in tribulation? If he flies from the country to the town, from the market place to his home, anguish follows him.

Wherever he goes he finds his enemy - wherever he goes he drags himself with him - no troubles are more bitter than those of conscience.

But even there, God comes to our aid by pardoning our sins, and our healing lies only in his forgiveness.  If a man owes a great sum of money, he is very much afraid of what will befall him - his only hope lies in being forgiven the debt. How much greater the fear of knowing that we shall perish in paying the debt of our sins.

Beloved, we may be sure of his forgiveness, only let us not incur that debt again.

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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