Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are You A Rose In God's Garden?

Are You A Rose In God's Garden? 

The Lord called us His noble vineyard "A certain man planted a vineyard"  (Luke 20:9)  "Yet I had planted you a noble vine"   (Jeremiah 2:21)  He surrounds us with His Love (Hedge) to protect us from the adversary "And set a hedge around it".  (Mark 12:1)

God expects the noble vineyard (us) to bear much fruit " By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit."  (John 15:8)

Now Are You A Rose in God's Garden or a Fruit in His Vineyard?

Sixty beautiful long stemmed roses - what a sight! The mixed bouquet of red, pink, white and yellow mingled together to make an exquisite arrangement.  My sisters' children surprised her with these to celebrate a most special birthday, and she was thrilled with the gift.

She said, "I watched them all day, unfolding a little at a time." "When they die,"  she continued, "I plan to dry them so that I might still enjoy them."  I looked at those roses and noticed something interesting.
Each day, as they unfolded, each colour did so at its own speed.

The pink and white were the first but the red never did. They just stayed in bud the entire week I was visiting. The yellow were the first to wilt and begin to die, their beautiful heads drooping toward the ground. Each colour in the bouquet was set on its path of blooming, so to speak. Each held great beauty, ready to unfold in its own time.

I believe God looks at us just as my sister looked at her bouquet. We are His vineyard; His bouquet of Love, and He watches us unfold and change.  He sees the beauty in each of His children. No matter the speed; we blossom.  He sees us as we are in tight bud at first, holding all the love He has bestowed upon us . Then we begin to open up to the power of the Holy Spirit, and as we unfold we share what He has given us, we become more beautiful.

In full bloom, we are what He has called us to be here on earth, and then we, like the rose, wither and die. But we will not be forgotten, for when God uses us to touch the lives of others, the memory of His Love will remain with them.

Are you a rose in God's Garden? It is a delight and privilege to be a rose in His Garden or a fruit in His vineyard. He invites you to be a part of it

  Quoted-Marion Smith


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