Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

Here Today And Gone Tomorrow 
Wherever the soul of man turns, unless it turns to you it clasps sorrow to its heart.  Even if it clings to what is lovely, if this loveliness is outside God, it has clung to sorrow, for these beautiful things would not exist without you.  Like the sun, they rise and set: they have their beginning and then they grow old and die. 

Let me praise you for these things, my God who made them all, but do not let the love of them be like glue to fix them to my soul. 

In these things there is nowhere to rest, because they do not last, they pass away beyond the reach of our senses.  Indeed we cannot lay firm hold on them even when they are with us. 

In this world one thing passes away, and another takes its place. But does the Word of God pass away? Make your dwelling in him.  Entrust to him whatever you have, for all you possess is from him.  In him is the peace that cannot be disturbed, and he will not withhold himself from your love if you do not withhold your love from him. 

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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