Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Times Get Too Tough‏!

When Times Get Too Tough‏! 

This Is My Life  
Going around and being drifted by the waves of this world; getting distracted by its worries and loaded with its burdens.  

From this, my soul gets disoriented. It goes here and there losing the purpose of focusing on Him. 

O My Lord, quiet my soul. Tell it to be still. When times get too tough, I want to listen to the spirit of yours. 

My soul is rising against me O My Lord. You have seen how much I long for you; I long for Your presence, but my soul is rising against me like a roaring sea. I'm trying to quiet it down so I can hear You, but the world is turning it against me. Be still my soul, and submit to your creator; enjoy His presence.

Temptations and afflictions, even when numerous and hard, is your way to perfection, and are not a cause for perishment.  

St. Augustine 


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