Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Pharisee

Shall a Christian go and live apart from the world, so that he may not be tried by false brethren? Shall he who has progressed in a righteous life separate himself from the rest so that he need not suffer from anyone?  Perhaps people suffered from him before he was converted.  Has no one anything to put up with from you?  It would surprise me - but  if it is so, then you are stronger and thus able to endure other people's failings.

Do you propose to shut out bad men from good men's company?  If that is what you say, see if you can shut out all evil thoughts from your own heart.  Every day we fight with our own heart.

You say you will go apart with a few good men and admit no wicked brother to your society.  How do you recognize the man you wish to exclude?  Do all come to you with their hearts bare?  Those who wish to come do not know themselves, they cannot be proved unless they are tried. 

Nowhere in this life are we secure, except in God's promise - only when we have attained to it, when the gates of Jerusalem are shut behind us, shall we be perfectly safe.

Beloved, mark the apostle's words: 'Support one another in charity.'  You forsake the world of men and separate yourself from it.  Whom will you profit?  Would you have got so far if no one had profited you? 

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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