Tuesday, November 26, 2013

With one voice

We read: 'Praise the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.' To whom is the psalmist speaking? To every member of Christ's body.  And what kind of praise does he mean?  That which is not jealous of another's love.

The love of the flesh is pestilential. Let a man cast his eyes on a woman's beauty and he desires it for himself alone, and rages at the thought of sharing the sight with someone else.  Not so is the love of the wisdom of God. We shall look on him face to face, we shall all see him, and there will be no envying of one another.

 He will show himself to all and they shall all be changed but he will not change.  He is wisdom, he is God, by whom all things were made.  He has his lovers, but note what the lover says: 'Magnify the Lord with me.'  Not alone will I magnify him, love him, embrace him.  There is room for all men. 

In this world men love chariot racing, hunting and so on and want everyone to admire their favorites too.  They say, 'Share my love for this dancer, that actress, this obscenity' - that is what the mob clamours.

Does the Christian in the Church cry out that everyone should love the truth of God with him?

Be fervent, brethren; if you love God draw all who are near to you, all your household, to that love.

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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