Thursday, December 26, 2013


From the inspiration of Ezekiel  (12)

O Lord, make me a sign!
You, who became a sign for my sake;
a sign in Your amazing virginal birth. 
And a sign in Your resurrection from a sealed tomb!
Make me a sign, to testify to Your wonders in my new life!
Bring out of my barrenness, spiritual fruits!
To turn the corrupt tomb of my heart,
Into a heavenly sanctuary!
Grant me Your risen life,
To fill me with joy and praise!

You have made Your prophet Ezekiel a sign;
He came out by night, carrying his belongings,
After digging through the wall;
As though going into captivity.
And You My Lord, because a sign;
From God the Father You came;
You came down to our land,
As though to the shadows of death,
Carrying Your cross!
You dug the wall separating us from the Father;
And so set us free of captivity!
Grant me to become a sign;
So that my heart would set forth, as though from the darkness of sin;
Crossing the broken down wall, and the open gate of heaven.
Carrying You, my only and precious belonging!
Instead of escaping as though to captivity,
Your Holy Spirit would lift me up to the bosom of the Father.

You commanded Your prophet Ezekiel to eat his bread with quaking,
And to drink his water with dread and anxiety!
You counted him as though in prison,
Eating the bread of affliction.
I confess to You, O Lord, that I am a prisoner of my sins;
My bread has turned into bitterness.
Grant me Your heavenly Bread:
Your sacrifices body and blood.
To free me of my captivity;
And to grant me freedom, joy, and rejoice.
Let me abide in You, and You in me,
O the desire of my heart.
To become truly an amazing sign,
The work of Your hands!

Fr. Tadros Malaty
From the Inspiration of The Book of Ezekiel


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