Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Holy Nativity

Now the heavens rejoice, and the earth is glad, for she has 
born Emmanuel for us, we the Christian people.  

Nativity Doxology

Heaven and Earth are united today, for Christ is born! Today God has come upon earth, and humankind gone up to heaven. Today, for the sake of humankind, the invisible one is seen in the flesh. Therefore let us glorify Him and cry aloud: glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace bestowed by your coming Savior: glory to you!

Today in Bethlehem, I hear the angels: glory to God in the highest! Glory to him whose good pleasure it was that there be peace on earth! The Virgin is now more specious than the heavens. Light has shone on those in darkness, exalting the lowly who sing like the angels: Glory to God in the highest!

Beholding him (Adam) who was in God's image and likeness fallen through transgression, Jesus bowed the heavens and came down, without change taking up His dwelling in a virgin womb, that He might refashion Adam fallen in corruption, and crying out: glory to your epiphany, my savior and my God! 

John The Monk 


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