Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why The Delay in His Resurrection?

But why are our death, burial, and resurrection all at the same time, for we do arise at the same moment that we are buried at baptism, whereas our Master's resurrection was delayed? He arose after three days. Why, then, does our resurrection come at once and His come more slowly?

The truth is that He did so to help us to understand that weakness is not the reason for the delay. Surely He Who could make His servant arise in an instant of time was all the more able to raise up Himself. Why, then, the delay? Why the three days in the tomb? So that the fact of His resurrection after a death which was slow in coming might, because of this delay, be established by a proof beyond all dispute.

Even now, after such strong proof, there are men who say that He only appeared to suffer. What would these men have said if there had not been such a delay in His resurrection?

St. John Chrysostom


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