Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Believe Him

Don't believe him 

The psalmist says,  "Thou hast shown us thy mercy among the people", but some people say to themselves, 'That could only apply to a few, to hardly anyone - will God be content that a multitude should be lost?  If we lead evil lives, revel in this world's pleasures,  are slaves of our desires, will God let us perish? Will he only set free the few who keep his commandments, and condemn all the others?'  'Of course not',  they say,  'When he comes and sees such a vast multitude on his left hand, he will have pity on them and forgive them.'

Brethren, that was what the serpent said to the first man. God had threatened him with death if he ate the fruit, and the serpent said, 'Of course not, you won't die'.  Adam believed him and then found that what God had threatened was true, and what the devil promised was a lie. So don't listen to that sort of talk.

Don't suppose that the good are few in number - there are a great many, but they are hidden among many evil-doers.  It cannot be denied that there are so many wicked men that the virtuous may seem concealed like grain in the chaff.
But if you want to find out who are the good, live virtuously yourself and then you will find them.  

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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