Saturday, June 8, 2013

In Him we live and move and have our being

You were walking in your own ways, a vagabond; straying in the rough places, wooded places, tearing your limbs. You were looking for a home some rest for your spirit, somewhere where you could say, 'I am all right here,' and safely say it, free from anxiety and trials - in other words, be altogether free - but you did not find it.

What then? Did someone come and show you how to get there? The way itself came to you and you were set on it through no merit of your own. You had clearly lost the path.  Tell me then, has He who showed you the path deserted you, must you now find your own way home?

Beloved, the end of all our paths is Christ: in Him we are made perfect, for our perfection is to come home to Him. Don't seek for anything else. He is your end, to Him you are journeying, and when you have arrived there you will not seek further, for you can desire nothing better than to come home to Him.

He has led us on, He himself being our way, and He brings us to Himself as to our home.  We come through Christ to Christ, through the Word made flesh to the Word which in the beginning was God with God, for He says to us: I am the way and to Me you come.  

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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