Friday, April 6, 2012

He Changed Love Into Heaven!

Daniel In The Lion Den

From the inspiration of Daniel (6)

How wonderful is Your care, O You the Almighty!
You allow me to be thrown in the den with Daniel,
however you changed the den into paradise!
You grant me to see Your angels,
who minister unto us for salvation and love and work for the sake of Your kingdom inside us!

May You throw me in the den, but may You shut the mouths of the hungry lions so they would not devour me.

In my perplexity, I see that all are against me,
but I see, even among the unbelievers,
Darius the faithful king! I am ashamed of his sincerity and his confidence in You!
For the sake of Daniel, Darius did not eat until sunset and remained fasting until dawn.
He deprived himself of his human rights,
could not sleep and at dawn hurried to the den for the sake of his servant Daniel!

With a sorrowful voice, he called Daniel to find out what happened to him.
The God of Daniel is able to save unto the end!

Darius condemns me!
Do I fast and weep for the salvation of my brothers,
and for the salvation of the whole world?
Do I believe that the God of Daniel is able to save?
Do I give up sleeping as long as there are souls in the den of the invisible lions?
Do I wake up early seeking the salvation of every soul that is drifting away?
What do I answer?

Fr. Tadros Malaty
From the Inspiration of the Book of Daniel    


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