Saturday, April 7, 2012


From the inspiration of Ezekiel (1)
I long to behold Your heavens!
You revealed Your heavenly chariot to Your prophet Ezekiel;
And You opened a gate in heaven to Your disciple John!
I long to behold Your heavens!
I want to know where I shall settle down, O my soul's beloved!

Amid the bitterness of captivity,
You revealed Your chariot to Your prophet;
So he realized that You are the Maker and Controller of history!
Reveal Your mysteries to me; to be sure that I am carried on Your arms!

Ezekiel saw You in the midst of the whirlwind, the cloud, and the fire.
Let Your Holy Spirit blow on my soul;
so that I may smell a heavenly breathe,
Lift me up as though on a cloud, to protect me from the serpent.
Let Your Holy Spirit inflame my heart with the fire of Your love!

Your chariot is greatly amazing; a cherubim chariot;
Having faces like those of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle.
Count me as a chariot and a throne, to dwell inside me!
Sanctify everything in me:
The feelings of my heart, as a man of God;
The strength of my soul as a daring lion;
My offerings and gifts as an ox, a burnt offering for You;
My thoughts and meditations, to fly like an eagle in the heavenliness!
Grant me six wings together with the cherubim.
Grant me humility and hope, as two wings to cover my legs, as though from sin!
Grant me insight and love as two wings;
so as to behold the splendour of Your glory!
Grant me Your proclamations and grace as two wings,
by which to fly up to Your bosom!

Grant me eyes within and without together with the Living Creatures.
Grant me heavenly wisdom to live on the earth as well as in the heavenliness!
Show me Your heavens, to yearn to depart to You!
Let me behold the light of Your face, to become myself light!
Grant me eyes on every side; for my whole being to become a face;
And never to have a back!
To move in every direction; yet never give You a back but a face!

How amazing are those two wheels in Your fiery chariot!
Moving incessantly by the spirit!
How amazing are the two Testaments: the Old and the New!
by Your Holy Spirit I enjoy their mysteries,
to move always toward heaven!
Let Your Word lift me up in the two Testaments,
so as not to stay any longer in the dust!

How beautiful are You who sits on the throne!
How amazing is the rainbow around You!
Show me Yourself … I long to enjoy You!
Grant me a strong faith in Your precious promises and Your eternal covenant! 

Fr. Tadros Malaty
From the Inspiration of The Book of Ezekiel 


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