Friday, December 30, 2011

The Journey

The journey

 But remember, if you follow the path Christ took, don't promise yourself the good things of this world; he walked by a rough road - follow him.

Reflect on the reward he has promised, and then what you suffer now cannot be compared with what is in store for you. This life is short even if it is passed in labours and trials, and when these are over comes unending happiness.

If you are truly a Christian don't despise the path Christ took: choose to follow him in his sufferings, looking for no other road than his.

It seems a hard way, but it is a safe one: there is another, easy one, but it is infested with terrorists.
When you are our strength we are strong, but when it is our own we are weak.

Let us come home at last to you O Lord, so that we shall not be lost. We are not afraid of there being no home to come back to, though we fell away from it; for our home is your eternity, and it does not fall because we are not there.

There we shall be still and see; seeing we shall love; and loving, we shall praise him. This will come to pass in the end, in that kingdom which will have no end.

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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