Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Sort Of Prayer?

What Sort Of Prayer?

A man calls on God that he may not be put to confusion. 
Is it so that the adultery he intends may come off? that someone he hopes to inherit from may die? that a piece of sharp practice may succeed? This is not to call on God, but on one's own evil desires. 

To call on God is to invite Him into your heart: but will you dare to invite so great a Father when you have no dwelling fit for Him? Your heart is full of evil desires, and yet you invite Him in. 

If you call on God, let it not be to ask for anything. For when you call upon God for aid the call you make is for Him to come into yourself. 
What place is there into which your Lord and God can come, what place fit for the God who made heaven and earth? Is it a small thing that God Himself should fill you? 

If He comes without silver and gold, do you not want Him? Which of the things He has made can satisfy you, if God Himself does not?

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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