Wednesday, January 18, 2012



 Some of the things our Lord Jesus Christ foretold have come to pass, others we still wait for; they will all happen, whether we believe in them or not; and so dearly beloved, nourish in your hearts the faith that is yours.

In our fathers' times the blood of the righteous was shed, and from that seed the church grew up.

The devil then, like a lion, raged openly; now he is like a wily serpent. We must defeat him as the martyrs did; suffering was their weapon, watchfulness must be ours.

The Church will always be persecuted, whether by the lion or the serpent, and the enemy is more to be feared when he deceives than when he rages. The Christians were pressed to deny Christ - now the are taught to: violence then, snares now.

What shall we do? With his help let us persevere to the end.

Do not be misled by unbelievers, or, who are more dangerous, bad Christians. The Church is like a net cast into the sea, which gathers up all kinds of fish and is being pulled towards that shore which is the end of this world.

Separate yourselves from the evil fish; not in body but in heart; not by breaking out of the net, but by changing your way of life; so that when the fish are separated on the shore, yours may be not eternal punishment but eternal life. 

St Augustine --- The Heart at Rest


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